The Public Courts

Every year Charleston, WV hosts the Charleston Public Courts Tennis Tournament. Located in the Kanawha City neighborhood of Charleston, the public courts are the perfect location for tournament play. This tennis tournament accumulates many competitors along with their friends and families for one of the biggest tennis matches of the year.

Charleston, WV is known for equipped indoor and outdoor tennis courts that are perfect for tournaments and leisure matches. The tennis matches are scattered around three different well-appointed courts that include Charleston Tennis Club, Coonskin Park, and Watt Powell. These tennis courts are hard surfaced with plenty comfortable seating for everyone. The Watt Powell and Charleston Tennis Club courts also provide indoor tennis courts that some matches may be held on.
Any member of the United States Tennis Association is welcome to participate in the tournament and there is not selection process necessary. The seeds for the tournaments consist of men and women open singles, open doubles, singles, doubles, and combined mixed doubles.
The competition is tough every year, but great competitors are recognized from the week long tournament. Come to Charleston and experience fast moving tennis ball fly across each tennis court as the competitors fight for the number one title in each seed.

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